About our cause

Our names are Olive, Cynthia, and Braden. Right now, we are doing everything possible to promote health in the LGBT community!

This blog is an attempt to focus on some of the many alarming health issues faced by the LGBT community! Interested? Keep reading!

So, let’s understand the need the first! During my research on the LGBT (Lesbian, gay, bisexual & transgender) community, I came across some of the most startling facts. LGBT community is not restricted to any specific age, religion, ethnicity or race – they belong to almost every group. The sad part is that the youth are at an extremely high risk for cardiovascular diseases, isolation, depression, anxiety, bullying, obesity and even suicide when compared to the general population.

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Why the LGBT Community Need Special Attention:

If you have any friend or relative, you will have an idea about the quality of life they lead. They often suffer from poor quality of care mainly due to the associated stigma, insensitivity to their unique needs and poor awareness amongst the healthcare providers. My objective is to highlight the changes faced by LGBT youth and to improve awareness amongst the physicians, in a bid to offer improved and advanced healthcare facilities.

Experts believe that stress, anxiety and continuous mental pressure is often the cause of many chronic health issues. These can be high blood pressure, heart diseases, psychological problems and mental health issues.  Stress and anxiety are the most prevalent which is due to factors like workplace discrimination and also denied healthcare.  As a result, as a ‘coping mechanism’ the youngsters often indulge in smoking, drinking and substance abuse which can cause several other problems.

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And this is what concerns us!

Through our blog, I wish to increase awareness of the health issues faced by the LGBT community. Keep checking for news, articles, journals, blogs and more!